Chinese New Year Charter - A Moving Lo Hei

With Business Partners, Stakeholders & Friends

Time For Change in 2017? Come Lo Hei On Board The GOURMETbus!

Embark on a journey to harness good fortune at every turn and around the Fountain of Wealth. Feast your eyes on the impressive decorations around Chinatown while performing the Yusheng in style.

Hosting your business partners, stakeholders, company employees, friends or family? Booking is now open for private or corporate charter of GOURMETbus 转运 Lo Hei Lunch or Dinner! Please see below for the respective menus.

On the Menu

During the joyous Lunar New Year period, diners can look forward to an exclusive festive-inspired menu*. Charter guests can choose between the Lunch and Dinner tour. Both options come with a bonus Salmon Yusheng dish.

*Available between 3rd January and 28th February.

 转运 Lo Hei Lunch Show  

Salmon Yusheng

Signature Salmon Yusheng with fresh salmon sashimi, classic condiments such as white radish, white ginger, red ginger, brown melon and carrot. Paired with premium homemade sauce.

Samsui Ginger Chicken

Lightly seasoned steamed chicken complemented by refreshing iceberg lettuce for the ideal crunch

Served with a tasty dip of home-made ginger sauce infused with good ol’ sesame oil

Seasonal Vegetables with Minced Pork

Delicious fresh mixed greens fried with perfectly marinated pork – ground to sublime tenderness

Served warm

Yong Chow Fried Rice

A classic Chinese-style wok fried rice dish combining a delectable assortment of seafood, eggs and meat

Well-seasoned with light soya sauce, salt and pepper

Osmanthus Jelly with Wolfberry

A fragrant concoction of two wonder herbs to end the meal on a sweet, soothing note


 转运 Lo Hei Dinner Show  

Indo-Chinese Fa-Cai Salmon Yusheng

Platter of Norwegian Salmon sashimi, green papaya, julienned cucumber, carrot, radish, Vietnamese pickles, Asian pomelo, prawn crackers, rice crackers, pok cui & uniquely sweet lemon chilli dressing


Nem Khao’ Roll with Honey Ham
Fresh rice paper rolled with roasted rice crumbles, honey baked ham and greens

‘Larb’ of Norwegian Salmon
Poached Norwegian salmon tossed with roasted rice powder, herbs and spices. Paired with butterhead lettuce

Served at room temperature


Summer Vegetable Salad with Egg Dressing
A delightful combination of shredded chicken, fresh watercress, sweet turnips, carrots, lettuce, sliced tomatoes, cucumbers, egg and fried shallots. Served with the signature Luang Prabang egg dressing and garnished with roasted peanuts

Lemongrass Rubbed Grilled Chicken with Herbed Mashed Potato
A classic Lao dish of fresh tender boneless chicken thigh marinated with lemongrass and assorted herbs, grilled to sublime tastiness. Paired with delicious herbed mash potatoes


Mango with Sticky Rice
Sticky glutinous rice paired with coconut milk and ripe mango for a sweet, satisfying finish